Iran Tourism after the US Presidential Election in Hope and Despair

@SURFIRAN Iranian tourism, as well as tourism all over the world, is experiencing tough days due to the spread of Coivd-19 and quarantine situation. However, for Iran, the adverse situation a few years back when Donald Trump became the president of the US and decided to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) also known as “Iran nuclear deal”. Now, Trump leaving the White House, raise hope for Iran tourism industry activist to make Iran a favorite destination for foreign tourist again. The US withdrawal from the Iran deal   Following the termination of economic sanctions against Iran in 2013 and resuming direct flights to Iran, and also facilitation of getting an Iran visa, Iran turned to one the most sought-after tourist destinations in the Middle East. After finalizing the nuclear deal at the end of 2015, number of tourists visiting Iran soared noticeably. Yet the good days  ... “Iran Tourism after the US Presidential Election in Hope and Despair”

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