Dirty Palm Oil

امروزه فقط حدود 400 ببر سوماترا در جنگل‌های اندونزی باقی مانده است. این تعداد کم، با جنگل‌زدایی ناشی از تبدیل جنگل‌های بارانی به کشتزارهای پالم روغنی در خطر انقراض‌اند؛ با ورود به “لینک” انتهای این یادداشت و امضای تومار، به کارزار رویارویی با این جنگل‌زدایی بی‌رحمانه بپیوندید.

Green peace International

Blogpost by Areeba Hamid – February 17

Nearly 120,000 of you amazing people have signed the Tiger Manifestojust six days since it launched globally. This is incredible! And we have some good news to share with you….

….Today, we are one step closer to forest and tiger-friendly products: Belgium-based international retailer Delhaize Group has become the first supermarket chain in the world to commit to a No Deforestation Policy with full traceability.

As few as 400 Sumatran tigers are left in the wild because their forest homes are being destroyed – but your support can change that.

25,000 people sent emails to the CEO of Delhaize, hundreds left messages on the companies Facebook pages and many directly challenged store managers at their nearest Delhaize store in Belgium. Each time, the same request was made: Delhaize must ensure that the palm oil contained in its products do not contribute to the destruction of forests and push the Sumatran tiger – numbering as few as 400 in Indonesia – to the edge of extinction.


What happened next?

Delhaize responded with an ambituous policy that will see 80% of its products free from destruction by 2018 (with 100% by 2020) and full tracebility by 2015 for all the palm oil it purchases from suppliers in countries like Indonesia. The 2018 timeline recognises that urgent action must be taken and is in contrast to the less ambitious 2020 timelines of other companies such as L’Oréal and Unilever.

This is the power you hold.

Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation. 11/02/2013 © Paul Hilton / Greenpeace

Maybe you haven’t heard of Delhaize if you live outside of Belgium or Luxembourg, but it’s big. Delhaize is an international food retailer with more than 3,000 outlets in 10 countries on three continents, with supermarkets like Food Lion, Hannaford’s and Harvey’s in the USA, and Super Indo in Indonesia.

The industry knows the power you hold and is changing. Just last week, US-based food manufacturer Kellogg also committed to remove deforestation from its supply chains, with traceability down to plantation level by the end of 2015, while brands like L’Oréal, Unilever, Ferrero and Nestlé have also made commitments to No Deforestation.

Demand forest-friendly products.

The Tiger Manifesto brings together people who know palm oil can be grown without forest destruction and who demand that their favourite brands don’t contribute to the extinction of animals like the Sumatran tiger

The Tiger Manifesto is just the first part of our campaign – we will expose and reveal companies that continue to make you a part of this cycle of destruction.

It’s time more companies guarantee that they too will make all their products tiger and forest-friendly. Join the Tiger Manifesto and be part of the journey to save the Sumatran tiger’s home.

Areeba Hamid is a forest campaigner at Greenpeace International

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