Objectives of the Mountain Watch Group

Mountain Watch Group is one of the committees of the Alpine Club of Iran (established in 2000). According to the bylaws of the club, it is trying to represent the interests and common sporting demands of mountaineers in Iran. Attempts for preserving mountainous areas, plant and animal species, indigenous culture of these areas, and helping the restoration of devastated regions are amongst the primary goals of this club.

Objectives of the Mountain Watch Group are as follows:

  • Drawing people's attention to the importance of mountainous areas in the life cycle,
  • Monitoring the mountains and attempting to conserve their environment,
  • Compiling the reports on destruction of mountainous regions and publishing them in the media or sending them to the authorities,
  • Reminding the public and authorities of their duties to protect mountains,
  • Promoting methods of hiking, trekking and ecotourism which are environmentally friendly,
  • Introducing natural and cultural values of the country's mountains,
  • implementing projects in order to protect mountainous regions with specific values, or introduce such regions to the authorities to protect them as "protected areas".

  Protecting mountains; protecting life


 Tehran office: Flat 12, No. 590, corner of Lalehzar St. and Enghelab Ave., Tehran, Iran

Phone No: 0098 (21) 66712243

Fax No: 0098 (21) 66712421

[email protected]; Mr. Abbas Mohammadi, manager of the Group