Partnership amongst Mountaineers, A Way to Protect Mountains

In Mountain Watch Group, we beleive that mountaineers can form a social power to monitor the mountainous environments, and to prevent polluting and destructing these valuable ecosystems. They can also help rangers and guards of environment in fulfilling their duties.  

We, mountaineers, should not be just “beneficiaries” of mountains; we should also become patrons of these valuable natural heritages. 

On the occasion of the International Mountain Day we have already a meeting in Damavand Mountaineering Club (in Tehran city), and we will have a climb on  Mt. Alvand (in Hamadan province) on Friday 14 December, a hiking in a mountainous region named Siabisheh (Mazandaran province) on the same day, and another meeting on 19 December in Tehran. In all these gatherings, we will discuss about the International Mountain Day, and its theme and goals. We will also introduce our motto; “Partnership Amongst Mountaineers; A Way to Protect Mountains“. By this motto, we intend to encourage mountaineers to become engaged in mountain protection activities.

We have also had three short television programs, and some short articles and posts in Iranian journals and sites, regarding IMD.

On the map of FAO, You can see the name of Iran and our group as an active partner of this year’s IMD:                       

ِِِAbbas Mohammadi                                                                                                                                 Manager, Mountain Watch Group of Iran                           [email protected]