Say “NO” to Dead Forests

Mohsen Tizhoosh

In recent decade, the attention of people in the world has turned toward the environmental challenges on this planet. Nowadays, our societies are facing a multitude of environmental problems whose magnitudes deepen daily. Comprehending that worldwide more than 45 thousand people starve daily is quite difficult specially when we see that about 38 thousand of them are unfortunately children

We all live in a world that its population has crossed 7 billions and according to some predictions will reach 8.5 billions by 2050. But we still see no way to solve our problems rather than further exploiting the natural resources. According to the published statistics by reliable scientific sources, about 130 plant and animal species in the world are vanishing daily because of the destruction of their environment and climate change

There is no doubt that the health of all humans will be at risk by vanishing the biological species. If we don’t stress the importance of prevention of cutting down the forests in the world – that is 45 thousand hectares daily – this is a warning for all countries in order to take actions to prevent further deforestations

It should be noted that vanishing the forests and vegetation increases the frequency of flooding, accelerates soil erosion, prevents the penetration of water into the underground reservoirs, and puts the life of all living organisms at serious risk. Forests have an undeniable role in controlling the climate, in maintaining the water circulation, and in stabilizing and fertilizing the soil

Global warming and climate change have caused many changes in the earth environment. Nowadays on the basis of published results by the Unit for Drought Management in our country, the Zagros temperature has risen by 1.5 degrees during 2011-2012 compared to a long-term average, while most of the Zagros areas, based on the same statistics, have faced a moderate drought

The shrinking and retreat of the Zagros forests has been one of the most important reasons of rising temperature and drought in recent years. Converting healthy forests into agricultural land can perhaps be useful at the first glance but the soil becomes gradually unstable due to the deforestation. It is necessary for us to know that one hectare of fertilized soil includes 300 millions living organisms such as invertebrates, tiny insects, earthworms and so on, which can fertilize the soil when the forest is alive

If we humans are looking for valuable economical progress, we should know that there is only one way to achieve this, and that is following the natural laws. It is time for us to look at the entire world and the nature by using our basic capability of observation

It is time for us to think about the entire world and the nature and be eager on using renewable energies such as solar and wind energies, and decisively reinforce the protection of forests

Nowadays many countries in the world have methodically planned the protection and revitalization of their forests. Among these countries, we may point to South Korea which is revitalizing its forests, or other countries such as China, which is going to cultivate about 40 millions hectares forests by 2050 through macro-planning

Is this a logical and correct way that we plant trees but don’t commit ourselves to discontinuation of contaminating and polluting activities? It seems to be clear that the fight against deforestation is the fastest and the least costly way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, which requires we get ready for making fundamental changes in our fossil fuel consumption

This is an undeniable fact that preserving forests will result in maintaining the biodiversity and providing livelihood for local societies all over the world. In other words, the only way to rescue the environment from sudden instabilities is the preservation of our forests. We should recognize that the value of live forests is more than dead woods

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