7 Things Nobody Tells You About Iran

Facts That You Never Knew About Are you planning a trip to Iran? Here’s 7 things you should know before traveling to Iran. 7 Things Nobody Tells You About Iran As an Iranian interacting with many foreigners, I encounter with many interesting questions in my day-to-day life and I also discover some interesting, yet overlooked details about my country and its culture. The questions normally range from more general topics like politics, economics and religion to tiny details about everyday life of people in Iran. Here are some of the most frequent topics I have been asked as an Iranian, so let’s check it out to see if you also carry the same doubts about this less-known land or not! Do you live in the future? When I talk about dates and calendars in general, our Iranian solar calendar is one of weirdest details about Iran. People normally get surprised  ... “7 Things Nobody Tells You About Iran”

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