Iran Has Launched Iran E Visa (Iran Electronic Visa) Service

Iran Has Launched E Visa (Iran Electronic Visa) Service Note LAST REVIEWED/UPDATED: WEDNESDAY – 2017 25 JANUARY Iran e-Visa (Iran electronic visa) has launched by the Ministry of foreign Affairs – Islamic Republic of IRAN to make it easier to apply for an Iran tourist visa online. Citizens of over 180 countries are eligible to use the Iran electronic visa. The United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Jordan, Somalia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are excluded. On the other hand, citizens of Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Venezuela, Egypt and Malaysia can travel to Iran without the obligation to apply for a visa. Iran E visa (Iran electronic visa): How Does It Operate? According to the information provided by IranMFA, applying for an Iran e Visa is easy and takes only a few minutes. Applicants will have to go to the address to make their online application.  ... “Iran Has Launched Iran E Visa (Iran Electronic Visa) Service”

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