What to wear when visiting Iran

Iran is a Muslim country and due to its low tourists must be careful in what they wear this article is about iran female dress code. In Iran, younger people’s styles show a stronger Western influence than those of older people. Much like in the West, younger men tend to wear leisure items indoors, such as polo shirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts, which are often used as sleepwear too. Women’s indoor clothing follows fashions similar to those in the West when no nâmahrams are present: T-shirts, slacks, denim jeans, with younger women generally favoring pants rather than skirts. In the presence of nâmahrams, women who wear chadors outdoors will most likely wear a patterned chador over whatever they are wearing. Women who observe the hijab and iran female dress code rules but do not wear a chador will most likely change into a loose, long-sleeved top and long skirt, or loose  ... “What to wear when visiting Iran”

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