The Belo Monte Dam

Brazil’s government has granted an environmental licence for the construction of a controversial hydro-electric dam in the Amazon rainforest.

Environmental groups say the Belo Monte dam will cause devastation in a large area of the rainforest and threaten the survival of indigenous groups.

However, the government says whoever is awarded the project will have to pay $800m to protect the environment.

The initial approval was a key step before investors could submit bids.

The Belo Monte Dam is a proposed hydroelectric dam complex on the Xingu River in the state of Pará, Brazil. The planned installed capacity of the dam complex would be 11,233 Megawatts (MW), which would make it the second-largest hydroelectric dam complex in Brazil, and the world’s third-largest in installed capacity, behind Three Gorges Dam (China) and Itaipu Dam (Brazil-Paraguay). Electricity from the dams would presumably power the extraction and refinery of large mineral deposits in Pará, such as bauxite, the raw material for aluminum. However, there is some opposition to the dams’ construction regarding their impacts to the region.

“would have bigger environmental impacts or would not have sufficient consistency to meet the anticipated growing demand for electricity in Brazil over the next few years.”

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